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  • Bath & Body Conjure Sampler Kit

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    Bath & Body Conjure Sampler Kit

    You've been wanting to try the body conjure products from Inexplicable Things, but don't know where to start, right?

    How about a little sampler kit? It doesn't have everything in it, but it does have a nice well-rounded sampling of some of the best products. 

    These cute little burlap bags contain 5 fun products:

    • 1/4 oz sample of Hanky Panky Shimmering Body Lotion
    • 1/4 oz sample of Intoxication Sugar Scrub
    • 1/4 oz sample of Hissy Fit Bath Salts
    • 1/4 oz sample of Sayonara, Bitch Whipped Soap
    • 1 tealight sampler of one of our Conjure-in-a-Can Candles

    Give them a try! 

    And the cute little burlap bag is reusable!