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  • Attraction & Seduction Spell Kit


    DIY Attraction & Seduction Conjure/Spell Kit

    Lookin' for love in all the wrong places, 

    Lookin' for love in too many faces.... 

    So, you want to bring attract a specific love or draw the perfect lover to you. 

    This is the perfect Do-It-Yourself Kit, specifically designed to focus your powers of seductions. The oil and powder in this kit will help destroy your inhibitions - and allowing you to call upon you inner temptress/seducer and be wild! 

    Miss Sha's DIY Kits will come complete with most supplies and all the instructions!

    You will learn how to perform a moving candle spell on your own, as well as anoint the candles properly for this type of work. 

    You will also learn a simple way of writing a petition or name paper for love workings. 

    Word of warning - Be careful what you wish for!! 

    Please use at your own discretion. 

    You kit will include:

    2 Red Figural Candles (you specify gender)

    1 - 1/4oz bottle of our Attraction & Seduction Oil

    1 - 1/4oz vial of our Attraction & Seduction Powder

    Red Yarn

    Complete instructions for the working. 

    Please email Miss Sha' with any questions you may have. 

    If you prefer, this working is also a Service that Miss Sha' can provide - if you are unable to do so at home. If you wish to have her perform this for you, please order this service:  Bring Me Love Working