Bayou Witchery Supplies from the Swamp Witch
  • Blue Aqua Obsidian Stones


    Blue Aqua Obsidian Stones - 

    Aqua Blue Obsidian, with its light blue color, is such a beautiful stone. To some, it’s known as Aqua Aura, and is known to be a protector stone, as well as the ‘stone of swimmers’.  

    Aqua obsidian is one of the best stones to use in overcoming fear, especially fear of water. It is great to use with all things water-related: aquatic pets, as well as working with bodies of water that are environmentally damaged.  It is a calming stone - carrying one in your pocket will help stabilize your mood, calm you when you feel angered or frustrated, and it helps protect against negativity. Also great for astral travel.

    Miss Sha' keeps one of these in her pocket when she is near the bayou. With her connection to water and water spirits, it helps to solidify that connection. 

    These flat stones are super smooth and polished. They make great fidget stones – carry them in your pocket, keep them near your desk, or keep them on your altar. You can also put one in your fish tank to help your aquatic critters.

    You can use it for chakra alignment by lying down and placing it on your body or near the throat chakra. Because of it’s association with this chakra, it’s excellent for those that are required to speak in public.  

    This listing is for a single aqua blue obsidian stone. Each stone is rounded, smoothed and highly polished. These stone measure approximately 1.5”.  

    Now, it is common knowledge that this type of obsidian, like all the bright colors, are likely man-made. There are two schools of thought – some folks believe these are man-made, others feel that aqua blue obsidian is a naturally occurring stone. Some folks deem them ‘fake’ crystals, while other crystal fanatics swear by them in being helpful due to the color correspondence and association with water. Either way, you will feel something when you use these awesome stones!