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  • Anna & Eve Oil


    Anna & Eve Oil –

    It all started in the Garden of Eden! And leave it to the female - she didn't just take a bite of the apple - she ate the whole damn thing!  

    Everyone has heard of Adam & Eve Oil, used for drawing together a man and woman. And some botanicas have Adam & Steve Oil, of course! But what about the ladies. Shouldn't they have an oil, specifically blended for their energies, too? Well of course they should. 

    We like to call this oil, Anna & Eve. And I believe that Inexplicable Things may be the first to offer this one-of-a-kind oil. It's our own tried, tested and proven recipe for a blend that is so strong with female energies - you may have straight friends chasing after you! Eve Roots, Orris Root and several other botanicals are blended to together in a base that is just ripe for the picking!  

    Some of the most common uses of this oil are:

    • Rekindling passion, strengthen the spark in an existing relationship
    • Repairing a damaged relationship, soothing the tension between and setting the couple back on the right track
    • Awaken and entice a new lover to wanna take a bite of your apple!  

    This oil is for a lesbian female couple. 

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    Suggested use: Dress a pink or red conjure candle (or coochie candle) and burn with proper intent. Dab a bit behind your ears and on your wrists before going out for the night! Add a drop or two to your bath water and va va voom! 

    Oil comes in a convenient 1/2oz glass bottle.  

    (As with all of our oils, please do a skin test if you have sensitive skin. Do not ingest our oils. And check with a doctor before using if you are pregnant.)