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  • Altar Candle

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    Altar Candle - 

    A nice large size candle that provides a long term burn. 

    These candles were specifically designed to be used upon an altar. Unlike conjure candles, altar candles are meant to be burned for their energy, their warmth, their offering. They are not meant to be burned to read the wax, divine any outcome, or product any metaphysical result. 

    These candle will be available soon, in all colors.

    For the month of October, in honor of our ancestors, they are available in white with slight blue streaks/feathering - to give them a unique signature. No two of these Ancestral candles will be identical. 

    For the month of November, in honor of the warrior spirit, they are available in red/black (the actual pattern will vary). 


    These candles are solid - they are approximately 3" x 3", and when burned properly, will give your about 60 hours of total burn time. 

    How do you burn an altar candle, you ask?  

    You focus on your ancestors, your altar as a whole, or giving thanks - and you light the candle. 

    Feel the energies - feel spirit. 

    Allow the candle to burn for no more than 2 hours at any given time. If the wax pool reaches the sides of the candle, extinguish it. 

    The candle will slowly, over time, start to hollow nicely.  Leaving behind a vessel-like appearance. Burn them slowly, patiently, and only when you will be working on or around your altar.  Do NOT leave a burning candle unattended! Again, no more than 2 hours at a time - this will provide you with the longest burn.  A good altar candle, burned correctly, will last you all month! 

    They have the appropriate oils added to them already, but you may dress the outside if you like. 

    They are also charged and blessed. 

    Please allow up to 2 weeks for your candle to be created.  These are custom order candles.