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  • Adam & Steve Oil


    Adam & Steve Oil –

    It all started in the Garden of Eden, who needs a damn apple! 

    Everyone has heard of Adam & Eve Oil, used for drawing together a man and woman. But what about homosexual men? What can they use that is blended just for them? Why, Adam & Steve Oil, of course! 

    Our recipe for this blend uses only male energies and herbs, such as Adam Root, High John, just to name a few. This oil is specifically for attracting members of the same sex. 

    Some of the most common uses of this oil are:

    • Rekindling passion, strengthen the spark in an existing relationship
    • Repairing a damaged relationship, soothing the tension between and setting the couple back on the right track
    • Awaken and entice a new lover to sample your fruit! 

    This oil is for a gay male couple. 

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    Suggested use: Dress a pink or red candle and burn with proper intent. Dab a bit behind your ears before going out for the night! Add a drop or two to your shower gel and let the sparks fly!

    Oil comes in a convenient 1/2oz glass bottle.  

    (As with all of our oils, please do a skin test if you have sensitive skin. Do not ingest our oils. And check with a doctor before using if you are pregnant.)