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Adam & Eve Oil


Adam & Eve Oil –

It all started in the Garden of Eden, with that damn apple!

A staple in any traditional rootworkers arsenal, this is the original love oil for the original couple (no disrespect, Lilith!) This recipe uses both male and female energies and several herbs, including Adam and Eve roots, to create an oil that can be used by both sexes. The oil is reported to be quite the aphrodisiac when used on the body, making it perfect for a bath.

Some of the most common uses of this oil are:

  • Rekindling passion, strengthen the spark in an existing relationship
  • Repairing a damaged relationship, soothing the tension between and setting the couple back on the right track
  • Awaken and entice a new love to your garden!

This oil is for a heterosexual couple – male and female pair. 

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Feel free to use however you see fit, but I have seen much success when a few drops of the oil are used with a hot bath or dressing a pink candle or couple candle.

Oil comes in a convenient 1/2oz glass bottle.  

(As with all of our oils, please do a skin test if you have sensitive skin. Do not ingest our oils. And check with a doctor before using if you are pregnant.)