Bayou Witchery Supplies from the Swamp Witch
  • Candle - 7 Knob


    7 Knob Spell Candles -

    7 Knob Candles are probably one of the most powerful images used in spell work. They are iconic in many photos regarding serious rootwork. This is likely because they were designed to be burned over the course of seven consecutive days, which undoubtedly focuses one’s energies incredibly! You can focus on a single desire, for those seven days; or, you may choose to focus on seven different aspects or desires, one on each day.

    Each of these candles will be hand-poured and Swamp Witch blessed by Miss Sha’. Her candles are never mass produced – only made in small batches. I guarantee her candles are not store bought for resale! She makes every single one!

    One of the best ways to use these candles is to dress/fix them with the appropriate oils and powders for your condition. You can do this yourself, or Miss Sha’ will be happy to dress them for you.

    These candles are roughly 7” x 1-1/2”

    Miss Sha’ offers 7 Knob Candles in the following colors:

    • Black: Baneful works, Crossing and Cursing, Break-ups and Arguments, Confusion, Jinxing, Ending of Relationships and Contracts

    • Blue: Happy Home, Harmony, Reconciliation, Healing, Summoning Entities

    • Brown: Grounding, Pets and Animal Magicks

    • Green: Financial Issues and Business Success, Luck, Growth, New Beginnings, Fertility

    • Grey: Letting Go, Overcoming Depression, Mourning a Loss

    • Orange: Road Opener, Joy and Well Being, Uplifting Spirits

    • Pink: Sweet and Gentle Love, Friendships, Deep Connections

    • Purple: Personal Power, Control over Others, Domination, Divination

    • Red: Sex and Lust, Strength and Vitality, Come to Me Work, Seduction and Strong Attraction, Passion

    • White: Cleansings, Healings, Protection, Spiritual Issues

    • Yellow: Communication, Emotional Stability & Health, Staying Positive

    Other colors available upon request

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