Bayou Witchery Supplies from the Swamp Witch
  • Candle - 7 Knob


    7 Knob Spell Candles


    7 Knob Candles are regarded as one of the most powerful image candles that are used in spell work. They are designed to be burned over a period of seven consecutive days – which undoubtedly focuses your energies. You can focus on a single desire, for those seven days, or you may choose to focus on seven different desires, one each day. They are perfectly suited for either.


    Each is hand-poured and Swamp Witch charged and blessed. Miss Sha’ only uses the best waxes and fragrances on the market, today – and takes great care in pouring her candles. They are never mass produced, or purchased from a store for resale. She makes every single one!

    Inexplicable Things offers these remarkable candles in a wide array of colors.

    And for a small fee, Miss Sha' will load and fix (dress) your candle for any specific need you may have.  

    • Black: Enemy Work, Curses, Banishing Negativity, Repelling 
    • Red: Love, Lust, Passion, Strength, Vitality
    • White: Healing, Purification, Cleansing
    • Green: Business, Prosperity, Money, Gambling Luck
    • Blue: Reconciliation, Peaceful Home, Peace in Relationships, Calming
    • Orange: Success, Overcoming Obstacles, Opening Doorways
    • Purple: Personal Power, Dominance over Others
    • Grey: Letting Go, Overcoming Depression, Mouring a Loss
    • Yellow: Communication, Emotional Health, Staying Positive
    • Brown: Grounding, Finding your Center, Pet's and Animals