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Our products are NOT mass produced. They are all handcrafted by Miss Sha' and Mr. Kelly. 

We are one of the few shops that makes nearly every item by hand - we DO NOT wholesale order from places like Azure Green, etc - we make your product. 

If we do not, it is noted on the listing. While we make large batches of oils at a single time, they are not individually bottled until your order is placed. 

This allows the oils extra time with the original herbals and botanicals - to become as potent and powerful, as possible. 

Once an order is received, the oils are bottled, usually within 48 hours.  Sometimes, we get busy! This past week, we had nearly 300 orders! 

We do, however, ask that you give us 7-10 business days to get your items ready to ship. 

This ensures that we have ample time to make sure the oil is just perfect before it head's to you. 

Also, please keep in mind - the stock photos you see on the website are of the first approved sample. The bottle you get will have all the relevant ingredients and the exact same blend - but the overall look/appearance may be slightly different. Cut and sifted herbs may have been obtained from a different supplier, etc. In addition, the process is done by hand, and therefore, no two bottles will be absolutely identical. 

The same can be said for our candles. Again, the candles are not poured until an order is placed. 

This can mean that candles will not be ready to be removed from their molds for up to 12 hours. 

They are hand-cleaned, and blessed, by Miss Sha'. 

Then off to Mr. Kelly - who does the packaging.

If you choose a loaded or fixed candle, this requires extra work and energies. 

But it ensures that no two candles are exactly alike - Miss Sha' touches each and every candle that leaves her cottage, at least 3 times! 

This definitely gives extra energies to your candles. Again, we ask 7-10 business days

If you need an item quicker, please send an email or text to Miss Sha' - that way, your order is boxed as quickly as possible!

Living in rural Louisiana, the postal service is intermittent, at best. 

We ship several times each week, but not every single day. We do it ALL by hand - nothing is pre-made! 

If you want pre-made, mass-produced, quick inventory items from an online wholesale store that has no magick to it, at all, then please feel free to shop elsewhere!

If you need an order filled more quickly, please send a message to Miss Sha'.

Once your item is ready to ship, you will receive an email with a link to the shipping confirmation.