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Let's Talk Conjure 

Some of the most common FAQ's . . .  

What is Swamp Magick?

Swamp Magick is what I grew up with. It's an eclectic mix of many things. 

Southern, Mountain and Northern and Eastern European folk magicks, what some would call Gypsy Magick, Sea Magick, Hoodoo, Rootwork - just to name a few. 

And much like traditional Hoodoo, as well as most folk magicks, it's very literal. 

You use what you have, or what you can scavenge, grow, or permanently borrow. 

It utilizes the swamps and bayous of the South, but it can also be metaphorically used nearly anywhere. 

When the rains subside - what you are left with is the bayou and the swamp. 

Most wouldn't give it a second glance, but those of us that live here know the truth about some things. 

We know that the often overlooked and seemingly useless - can really be cultivated into some of the most powerful of magicks. 

Will you cast for free? 

Can I pay you when I see the results?

The short answer: No

The long answer: Still No.

If you are unable to afford spell work, then this is a pretty good indication that now is probably NOT the best time for you to be focusing on your particular issue. 

Contrary to popular belief, spells and conjure work are NOT necessities to living your life. They can be a nice addition - but if you treat them as a necessity, you are not in a good spot and I would refrain from doing anything at this particular time. 

Also, my time is valuable - as is yours. 

I cannot spend time and energy on your specific conjure and use up supplies in the hopes that you will pay when you see your results.

What kind of Spell work or Conjure should I get? My issue is ( FILL IN THE BLANK).

My best advice: Get the very best spell work that you are comfortably able to afford. 

I say this because some spell work requires a lot less energy than others. The type of conjure that I practice is usually intensified with the number of consecutive days that I attempt to manipulate the energies. And a 3 day spell is no less serious than a 9 day spell - it is simply a matter of consecutive days that the energies are worked with and put out into the universe.  With that being said, you have to understand - if you want the world (a checklist of things you want to happen with your man or winning the lottery), but are only willing to pay for cab fare around the block (want to cut a deal and only pay for a 1 or 3 day working) - chances are good, you will not see the results you are hoping for.

  Do not ask for a discount from your conjure worker! 

Do not haggle over price!

If they list prices on their website, or they give you a quote - don't haggle! 

* One, it's insulting. *

* Two, it makes you look cheap - and you don't want to look cheap when it comes to getting your man back, right? *

* Three, always remember... we get what we pay for! *


You know what you can afford, and I hope you are responsible enough to not work to save and then spend your very last grocery dollar on metaphysical work. 

This will cause more problems down the road. 

Do you guarantee your work?

All spells and conjure work, by their very nature, are wholly unreliable.

It's manipulation of energies, both tangible and intangible.

It also often involves the spirit realm - and believe me, we have NO control over those that dwell in that realm. 

I know of NO genuine spell caster, worker or conjure-person that can 100% guarantee the outcome of the work they perform. 

If they do, I would be VERY leery of their work, as a whole. It has been my experience that guaranteed work is usually a telltale sign of a charlatan that is going to take what they can get from you and provide you with nothing.

Not always - but it is very often the case. 

As a practitioner, I am unable to make any guarantees whatsoever, about the results that will be manifested. Is this not the same for medical doctors, shrinks and scientists? They can't guarantee their results. Each person is different. 

What I can guarantee is the amount of energy, time and effort that I will put into the conjure that I cast for you.

Like many conjurers', I have turned down clients if I firmly believe I have no change of helping. 

If I don't feel it, I don't do it - 

and no amount of money will change this. 

That is a waste of my time and energy, and a waste of your money.

Now, with that being said, most folks are quite pleased with the results of my work for them. 

But some of the responsibility also comes in your actions following the work. 

I will often give recommendations for candle, prayer or offerings of thanks for my clients to do either during the conjure work, or shortly after. 

Spirits do not reward those that are not willing to work for or sacrifice for what they want. 

What is your success rate?

This question is not as commonly asked as some, but I think it's important to mention it here. I do not always ask a client how things are going after the work. I won't track them down for an update. This is not because I don't want to know what has occurred, or that I don't care - but it's more because it can be quite counterproductive. 

Some clients get so focused on this - on the waiting around for the results - that they do nothing but sit and wait.

It is best to put magick in motion and let it be. 

Forget about it - stop fixating on it.

Move on with your life - like it has already happened.

In addition to this, I have found that there is a very find line of interpretation - as to the measurable success. 

To each individual, success is something different. 

I can, with all honesty, say that I hear far many more positive results than negative. 

Most of the conjure work I put out, has resulted in a desired outcome. 

How long until I see results? 

How long does it take?

Spell casting, or any kind of conjure work, is not an exact science - therefore, there is no magick formula in which we can plug in dates to determine the exact day that your results will manifest. 

For most workers, a good rule of thumb is to not get too worked up for the first 90 days. 

Most successful spell will show some level of results (remember, this is a level, not always 100%) by the end of the third month.

"THREE months??!!"

Yes, three months. This is not unreasonable. 

That doesn't mean that it won't happen much sooner, but I don't even consider boosting work until after 90 days has passed with no results.

Now, please keep in mind, that if the spell work affects only you - it can happen much, much quicker. 

Road Openers, Spiritual Cleansings, Courage spells - these can all happen very quickly - 

sometimes you can see results begin to come almost instantly!

It's when we branch out and add the variables of manipulating others that adds to the time frame. 

And, the conjure work that I do, well, it's called Swamp Magick for a reason.

The name is accurate - just like the swamp - slow, meandering, but steady.

In my experience, those that are seeking instant gratification, in any aspect of their life, are sure to be sorely disappointed the majority of the time. 

Demanding quick results will work against you.

When we want something NOW, we tend to create our own limitations without our mind by accepting nothing less. 

The Universe sees this for what it is and gives you what you are focused on the most - the negative, the wanting right now. 

So, let's put the magick out there and let it be! 

Forget about it!

And again, go on about your life, as if it's already come to pass. 

How long will the work last?

This all depends upon the type of work. 

Most of the work that I do is designed for a specific outcome, and once that outcome is reached, time does not stop. 

Whatever actions you take after the spell is in place will have an effect on the work. 

An example: let's say we do work to get someone to call you, maybe pay more attention to you, maybe even start a romantic relationship with you. The conjure is successful - the person calls you - starts spending more time with you, and eventually, you become a couple. 

But, you soon begin to treat this person badly. 

Nagging, complaining, going out with friends and leaving them home alone. Basic neglect. 

These actions are going to cause that person to distance themselves from you. 

This has NO bearing on whether or not the work was successful or effective.

The work did not "wear off"- which is something I have heard about other workers in the past. 

Let's be honest here - you failed to do your part to maintain the relationship. 

Love spells and curses, especially, must be cultivated - like a garden.

Stoked like a fire.

YOU have to do your part!

Just because it is metaphysical, does not mean that you can do whatever you please in reality. 

Please remember that with simple actions, you can completely destroy all the work that was just put into place. 

Other spell casters and root workers have done work for me, but failed.

This is more of a statement, rather than a question. I do hear this from time to time.

This ALWAYS throws up a red flag for me.

Each worker is different. No two scenarios are exactly the same.

Things change, energies change, level of commitment changes. 

In all the years I have been working conjure for others, I have come to notice a bitterness of resentment towards workers, in general. 

Patterns emerge, and it seems that some folks, no matter what you do, just aren't happy. 

Yet, these folks continue to return to magick for the same purpose, over and over and over again - 

usually with highly unrealistic expectations.

Think about this for a moment . . . what if the workers weren't actually failures?

What if, they were actually successes, 

but they didn't bring about the EXACT desired result that the client was expecting, 

in the exact way it was expected. 

Maybe the issue is that the desire is so unreasonable, so improbable, 

that no one could actually achieve the desired outcome.

What I find most often is that the spirits see something very different for our future. 

As I mentioned, much of what I deal with is through the spirit world. 

They see things that we have no way of knowing.

They may have completely different plans for you and by bringing this 

no-good ex back into your life, it would seriously mess up what is truly just around the corner for you.

And no amount of magick will change this. 

No matter how much energy I magickally throw towards your desire will make it come true.

They know what is best for you - long before you do. They are just waiting for you to see it too!

If you have truly been to multiple workers - all who seemingly have failed - 

it is best if you take a moment, re-evaluate your requests, re-examine your life and what you are doing.

Now, this is not to say that this is the only reason spells have failed, but it is one of the most common. 

Occasionally, a person is blocked with an enormous amount of negative energy, or a crossed condition or a curse. 

Sometimes it's the other person you are trying to control that is under a crossed condition - 

or is already being manipulated by another spell caster. 

This doesn't make additional work impossible - but it does have an effect and can draw out the process. 

This is why it is imperative that you be HONEST with your worker. 

Do NOT lie or withhold information! 

If you want your ex back - but it's been years and they have remarried - c'mon! 

Chances are SLIM that you will ever reach your desire of having them back. 

They are an EX for a reason! MOVE on!! 

Another matter to keep in mind with this - if you have been to a conjure worker and they have you that you 

MUST do this or you MUST do that, 

before doing any other work, be cautious. 

Additionally, I have known of some workers to threaten clients into paying more money! 

'if you don't pay me today for this work,  you life will be cursed.'

Do not EVER let anyone threaten you or strong arm you into paying them. 

Those individuals that feel the need to threaten or extort others - believe me, they do not possess any power. 

Fear not - they will not curse you! 

They are resorting to scare tactics for their own gains. 

And making you the Fool!

Do you do readings?

Yes, and no.

I do not do readings in the tarot sense - 

If you have a question about which direction you should go with an issue, 

or you are confused about something, 

or even wandering if a specific person is right for you, 

I can answer - based upon my gut instincts - 

but I also recommend getting an actual reading done before coming to me for any work of this nature. 

While I do not require a reading beforehand, it can often make things much easier. 

If you do not know of any reputable readers or mediums, please scroll to the bottom of this page for information on a reputable reader. 

The readers listed there are highly skilled and genuine readers/mediums that I, personally, use. 

They are colleagues that I trust. 

I do read bones, on occasion.

This is generally for very specific yes or no answers.

And I do not do this very often.

I will use the bones when I am seeking guidance about a situation for a client where work was previously performed. 

Do you do phone consultations, Skype or video chat?

As a general rule, I do prefer to work through email/messaging at this time.

Email is the best for me, as it spares me from having to rush my answers 

(I like to chew on things and let them marinate for a few moments, sometimes longer, before giving my answer. 

This is how I speak with the spirits.) 

If we are on the phone or some other similar communication - you will want an answer to your question right then. 

In addition, this means that I will not be interrupted throughout the day with ring tones, etc. 

I also work outside of our home during regular business hours - so I am not always available to answer the phone. 

I am also prepping and writing text for courses that I can offer perspective students who with to learn Swamp Conjure.

In the evenings, it's usually all about business - filling orders, photographing new items, charging candles, etc. 

It's also prepping for conjure work for clients.

And finally, my family life.

What little time I do have to enjoy them - I want them to have my undivided attention. 

I am quite sure you feel the same way about yours. 

How can I contact you?

Please read through these FAQ's before writing; however, if you still have questions that were not addressed here, 

there are several ways you can reach us. 

You can reach us through the Miss Sha' & Mr. Kelly page on this site.

You can email us directly at

And, you can always private message me via Facebook (InXplicableThings), as well as Twitter (InXplicableThngs).

I try to respond within 24 hours, but occasionally, it may take me a bit longer. 

How much do you charge?

Most of my conjure prices are based upon the number of days that I will spend casting and manipulating energies for your spell. 

The prices are all inclusive - which means candles, powders, oils, flowers, curios are included. 

Occasionally, a special ingredient may be required, which may have to be purchased or ordered. I will let you know this at the time. 

Some work requires that you send me personal items. 

I try to keep my clients fairly well informed - but always welcome any questions they may have before, during and after the working. 

Order Fulfillment/Shipping 

Where's my Stuff!

Our products are NOT mass produced. They are all handcrafted by Miss Sha' and Mr. Kelly.

While we make large batches of oils at a single time, they are not individually bottled until your order is placed. 

This allows the oils extra time with the original herbals and botanicals - to become as potent and powerful, as possible. 

Once an order is received, the oils are bottled, usually within 24-48 hours. 

We do, however, ask that you give us 5-7 business days to get your items ready to ship. 

This ensures that we have ample time to make sure the oil is just perfect before it head's to you. 

Also, please keep in mind - the stock photos you see on the website are of the first approved sample. The bottle you get will have all the relevant ingredients and the exact same blend - but the overall look/appearance may be slightly different. Cut and sifted herbs may have been obtained from a different supplier, etc. In addition, the process is done by hand, and therefore, no two bottles will be absolutely identical. 

The same can be said for our candles. Again, the candles are not poured until an order is placed. 

This can mean that candles will not be ready to be removed from their molds for up to 12 hours. 

They are hand-cleaned, and blessed, by Miss Sha'. 

Then off to Mr. Kelly - who does the packaging.

If you choose a loaded or fixed candle, this requires extra work and energies. 

But it ensures that no two candles are exactly alike - Miss Sha' touches each and every candle that leaves her cottage, at least 3 times! 

This definitely gives extra energies to your candles. Again, we ask 5-7 business days. 

Living in rural Louisiana, the postal service is intermittent, at best. 

We ship several times each week, but not every single day. We do it ALL by hand - nothing is pre-made! 

If you want pre-made, mass-produced, quick inventory that has no magick to it, at all, then please feel free to shop elsewhere!

If you need an order filled more quickly, please send a message to Miss Sha'.

Once your item is ready to ship, you will receive an email with a link to the shipping confirmation. 

Recommended Reputable Readers

Mr. Kelly Jeffery 

 Spiritual Consultant / Warrior Shaman

Facebook: Kelly Jeffery



You can learn more about Kelly HERE

Gary Noriyuki

Facebook: TheManticoresDen


An initiate in Quimbanda, Gary resides in Galveston, TX.  

An amazing spiritual reader, he offers his services to the general public by using regular playing cards, bones and shells. 

He is also known for his consecrated artwork and occult-related tattoo work. 

Please read through these FAQ's before writing; however, if you still have questions that were not addressed here, 

there are several ways you can reach us.