Inexplicable Things

Mr. Kelly

Spiritual Consultations

A spiritual consultation is a conversation involving you and me, as well as spirit. We will discuss any topic that you would like, devise a plan to take action. 


Mr. Kelly takes phone consults during his regular business hours.  

Please call him at (318) 470-3310, when you are available. 

If you are NOT in the US, please email to set up a consultation.

(All times are Central Standard Time) 

Sun 10AM - 5PM

Mon 10AM - 5PM

Tue 10AM - 5PM

Wed 10AM - 5PM

Thur 10AM-5PM

Fri Closed

Sat Closed

After your consultation, if you feel you got something of value, please feel free to leave a tip or donation.  While not a requirement, donations are greatly appreciated.  Donations are often distributed, throughout the year, to a variety of animal rescue and environmental awareness organizations.